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12 august 2023

Wings, Alps and Fun

After few years, the "Gruppo Volo Motore Locarno e Ambrì" is pleased to organize again the traditional "Fly-In Ambrì", a unique event all pilots aim to attend. Ambrì airfield LSPM is located in the beautiful Leventina valley, next to Gotthart. A wonderful Alps context to enjoy a full aviation day. Come and fly to Ambrì and be part of the event!


0800 LT Ready to welcome aircrafts and visitors

1200 LT Stop for lunch: "tsch tsch" like a real ticinese ;)

1700 LT End of event

Attend the event, fly to Ambrì!

Ambrì LSPM

118,530 MHz

Free landing fees

For landing procedures, AD info 1, VFR guide, Visual approach chart and other information, please visit

Any aircrafts landing in Ambrì should announce their visit by filling the following form.

I plan to land in Ambrì
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